Boat Motor Hoods

Your outboard motor keeps your boat going, whether you are fishing on the lake or enjoying an afternoon of tubing or waterskiing. Whatever you rely on your boat for, your motor is a key component. During the winter, keep your motor protected with outboard boat motor covers and marine hoods from Angola Canvas Co.

An outboard motor cover slips right over your outboard motor and keeps snow, wind, rain, ice and other damaging elements from seeping into your motor. When moisture gets in and sits in your motor’s components, the engine‚Äôs parts begin to rust, wires fray and connections weaken. If left for too long, this can ruin your motor completely, leaving a world of inconvenience and expenses when you are ready to start up in the summer. A separate marine canvas cover exclusively for the outboard motor will make sure that your motor is ready to go in the summer.

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