Construction Equipment Covers

Angola Canvas Co. makes a wide range of custom covers to protect equipment of all kinds, including custom outdoor construction equipment covers.

Using tough materials and ensuring a snug fit helps to protect your construction equipment from sun, dust, wind, snow and rain, allowing you to stay in operation throughout the year. With more than 30 years of experience in custom-fit covers, Angola Canvas Co. is renowned for long-lasting, durable covers that protect your assets.

Each cover is hand-sewn and double-stitched for a tight and durable fit, and made from tough vinyl to keep out moisture and debris. Each cover is cut and stitched to fit the make and model of your equipment, protecting your assets from damage whether they are in regular use on a job site or staying in storage for the season. Keeping your outdoor equipment covered helps to preserve the components of your machinery, letting you maintain smooth operation year round.

Contact Angola Canvas Co. today to get a quote for a waterproof, custom-fit cover for your outdoor construction equipment. Whether for a single machine or a fleet of equipment, get tough, flexible covers for all your machines with Angola Canvas Co.

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